Portable Anchorage Lifeline

Portable Anchorage Lifeline
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The LINQ portable anchorage lifeline is engineered for extreme workplace situations. Complies with AS/NZS1891.2 and EN 795:1996 Class B, the product has been developed to be durable and efficient in setup and pack down.

The webbing temporary static line kit is a lightweight, 20m line, complete with ratchet tensioner for quick and easy installation.


  • Can be used as a temporary system mobile anchorage line in applications where there is no permanent anchorage line along a length
  • Rated for 2 people
  • Kit has an easy to use ratchet tensioning device to tighten the line
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Ideal for usage between 3 to 20 meters
  • Includes sewn on bag for easy storage and transportation
  • Equipped with two double action karabiners provided for attachment to anchor points


    VITAL TEST COMPLIANCE - AS/NZS1891.2 EN 795:1996+A1:2000

  • Static Strength: 15 kN for 3 minutes
  • Dynamic Performance: Maximum breaking force does not exceed 6kN in the line when tested on a free falling mass of 100 kgs.


  • Static Strength: 10 kN for 30 minutes
  • Dynamic Performance: 2 metre free fall with 100 kg weight.

    WARNING Ensure end anchorage can withstand a force along axis of line at 2x fall arrest line force. Ensure end anchorage can withstand a force at right angles to the horizontal line of at least 12kN

    Brand: LINQ