Envirovac Wet Injection Machine
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Envirovac Wet Injection Machine

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The machine comprises a 125 litre fluid reservoir on a chassis equipped with heavy duty castors for ease of movement. It employs a pump with by-pass, a series of fluid filters, and a pressure regulating device to ensure consistent fluid delivery. The main pump-unit should remain outside the working area; a 15mm bore hose supplies wetting fluid to a pressure control unit (PCU) which may be located within the working area, and elevated above the pump unit. The PCU regulates the pressure of fluid to the needle arrays, it has two delivery ports and each port can supply from 1 50 needles (maximum 100 needles / machine). Needles and surfactant sold seperately.

The fluid supply to each needle is controlled by self-compensating, flow-regulating valves; these valves are tamper-proof (encased in the T-piece immediately above the needle), require no user adjustment, and are pre-set to deliver 35 ml/min (+/- 10%) from each needle. Fluid can be delivered to the ACM constantly, or you can select a cyclical feed; in the case of cyclical feed fluid is pumped to the needle array for a period of five minutes, followed by a rest period of five minutes to allow the ACM to absorb the fluid, before the cycle automatically repeats again.

  • Pump-Unit Dimensions: 850mm L x 590mm W x 940mm H, Dry Weight 40 kgs approx.
  • Recommended fluids: Envirovac stripping agent, glycol based fluids. PVA based must NOT be used.
  • Delivery pressure: From main injection unit 60 psi (4.0 bar); Outlet pressure from PCU 35 psi (2.3 bar)
  • Injection Needles: standard: straight 60mm long needle, max. 100 needles, supplied in sets of 50 (purchased Seperately).
  • Flow rate from needles: 35 ml per minute [+ or 10%] each needle, self-compensating.

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