Crommelin Fibroseal Top Coat 15L White

Crommelin Fibroseal Top Coat 15L White
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Crommelin Fibroseal Topcoat is a waterborne high-build elastomeric roofing membrane. Fibroseal Topcoat is applied to a weathered asbestos cement surface that has been pre-treated with Crommelin Fibroseal Primer to provide a durable, decorative, lightfast protective coating.

Active ingredients in Fibroseal Topcoat also resist the growth of moss and lichen. When used together with Crommelin Fibroseal Primer, the product forms part of the Crommelin Fibroseal System, an accredited and proven encapsulation system used throughout Australia since 1990.

Crommelin Fribroseal Top Coat Features & Benifits

  • Encapsulate asbestos cement sheet fibres.
  • Avoid costly downtime associated with replacement of asbestos roofs.
  • Achieve significant reduction in roof cavity temperatures resulting in savings in building cooling costs.
  • Extend the service life of asbestos structures.
  • Water borne.
  • Provide a rejuvenated appearance in a range of decorative colours.
  • Resist algae growth.
  • eflective properties aid in reducing internal air temperatures by up to 200C. Aids in reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Energy and cost efficient
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Very high adhesive strength - no primer required on most surfaces
  • Weatherproof and lightfast
  • Fungal and algal resistant in high humidity environments
  • Excellent dirt pick up resistance
  • Tough - high tensile strength and hardness
  • Low VOC


    Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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