FIBERLOCK 5801-5 - Lead Barrier Compound
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FIBERLOCK 5801-5 - Lead Barrier Compound

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FIBERLOCK 5801-5 - Lead Barrier Compound

LBC is a safe and effective alternative to the costly process of lead based paint removal

LBC Lead Barrier Compound (Type III - Interior/Exterior) is a thermoplastic-elastomeric water based copolymer blended specifically to form a barrier between lead based paint and the environment. It is a high-solids coating formulated to offer unparalleled coverage, economics and aesthetics while preserving historic and architectural detail. LBC contains Bitrex, a bitter-tasting ingredient to discourage oral contact with lead paint.

LBC can be successfully applied to the proper thickness in one application with most major brands or airless spray equipment. LBC can also be applied by brush or roller.



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